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About TigerSwan

From 9/11 and the attacks in Brussels and Paris, to lone wolf attacks, there are daily threats against global security and stability. Corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations worldwide face new challenges and need to invest in security and intelligence.


TigerSwan is a transformational company providing full-spectrum, asymmetric solutions to allow businesses, governments and NGOs to operate safely in today’s global environment and benefit from a global presence. TigerSwan is available globally 24-7 to provide you the highest level of global stability.


TigerSwan was established in 2008 by members of the Elite DELTA Force to deliver dynamic leadership and creative problem solving to cross-functional and multi-cultural environments to assist clients with their biggest challenges. TigerSwan has a successful track record within dynamic, high-threat, and politically-sensitive areas worldwide, where indecisiveness can be disastrous.


We offer a wide range of services that allow our clients to bypass the roadblocks that are impeding their developmental goals. These core services include: Real Time Situational Awareness/Response/Communication; GuardianAngel; Crisis Management; Consulting services; Safety and Security Solutions, Due Diligence, Construction, Life Support, , and Service Integration and Program Management.  With our global presence and connections with culturally-dynamic host nation partners, we help organizations boost their ability to accomplish measurable and sustainable results.


TigerSwan is headquartered near Raleigh, North Carolina, , and has international offices in the Middle East, South America, North Africa, India and Japan.. Learn more at

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